Common Career Paths With a Theology Degree

Many people hear the call of religious study, or theology, and answer it by going to school for a degree in this field.  From there, you have many different opportunities in terms of careers or service. Many of the ways you can give back involve leading in your community, as well as leading in the classroom, or even leading in another part of the world.

Clergy Jobs

The most obvious choice for someone with a theology degree is that of clergy service. Often times, many people with a theology degree start out as a deacon or assistant pastor for a church. Some even become pastors of a church right out of the gate. In any case, you will often be the first point of contact between congregation members and the church, often being asked to lead prayers and sermons. Every denomination has its own education requirements for religious leaders, but you can expect to get at least a master’s degree if this is the route you want to go.

Educational Theology Jobs

For some, their calling instead will lead them to academia. Christian and sectarian universities are always looking for new teachers in the theology, and if you get your doctorate (or master’s in some case), you can also teach at the college level. You may be able to lead in a religious school setting as well. You could also be a transition teacher, helping people to convert to your faith with knowledge, prayer, and ritual.

Research Jobs in Theology

Religious studies help people understand the significance of many parts of a religion. You can study religious figures or sections of history that are pertinent to your religion. This often combines with professor careers at a university; you do research and teach at the same time. You’ll also be expected to publish work, either in journals or in books if you take a theology reseacher role.

You’re not limited to the above jobs. Often, people with a theology degree become missionaries, traveling the world spreading their faith, for example. You may also take up work as a faith counselor, helping people with matters of faith as well as other problems in their life.

Best Online Theology & Related Religion Degree Programs

Indiana Wesleyan University If you are considering studying Theology, Indiana Wesleyan University has several online degree programs. This program is designed for the student that wants intensive bible education along with the opportunity for specific concentrations and elective courses. Students are able to choose courses from various professional departments, while focusing on ministry work.
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Liberty University Liberty University offers a multitude of online degrees related to religion, including a Master of Theology, or a BS or AA in Religion. The School of Religion provides a quality Christian education in a relevant format that is based on Christian teachings and principles. Students are prepared for careers in ministry and theology.
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Grand Canyon University If you are considering an online degree in Religion, Grand Canyon University offers a BA in Theology, Christian Studies, Youth Ministry, and Christian Leadership. This program uses biblical studies as the foundation for a deeper understanding of theology, philosophy and history. Graduates acquire the necessary leadership skills for effective ministry.
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Ohio Christian University If you are considering an AA in Christian Ministry or a BA in Christian Leadership & Ministry, Ohio Christian University offers online degree programs. These degrees are designed for students wishing to enter Christian Ministry as a chaplain or in evangelistic work. A variety of concentrations are available.
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