25 Best Q&A Sites for Theologians

Many theology students have questions about faith and religion. Indeed, almost everyone has questions rooted in faith, God and other issues of spirituality. Finding answers to these questions can be a life-long quest — even for the most knowledgeable of theologians.

As you ask your questions, and seek for answers, the Internet can be a great resource. Not only can you learn about your own religion, but you can also learn about other religions. Being able to find similarities between religions, as well as understand differences, can help you increase in your own faith, as well as help you teach others about the nature of God in terms they can understand. If you are looking for answers to questions about different theologies, these 25 web sites can help you find what you are looking for:

General Theology Question and Answer

These web sites are not focused on any one faith or religious creed. Instead, you can find answers to questions about nearly any theology out there. These sites make an effort to provide resources that can be used to find out about your religion, as well as other religions and theological systems.

  1. Beliefnet: One of the best places to go to find information about religion and theology. Features theologians and religious experts from all walks of life, answering questions and sharing their insights.
  2. About.com Religion & Spirituality: Find out more about nearly any theological tradition. Questions answered, and beliefs explained.
  3. Religious Tolerance: An overview of different world religions, with questions about theology answered, as well as comparisons of different religions made.
  4. BBC Religions: A great resource for theologians of any religion. Have questions about different systems answered, and possibly learn something new about your own faith.
  5. Council for a Parliament of World Religions: A look at different faiths, theologies and more. This web site calls for a discussion of religion, and an effort to share different theological beliefs with each other, rooted in understanding.
  6. Religion Facts: Facts about various theological systems, and answers to questions you might have about what’s available. A great resource, filled with interesting belief systems.
  7. World Religions: Focuses on major belief systems in the world, and offers images and insights into different theologies. A solid resource for answers to theological questions.
  8. Internet Sacred Text Archive: A great resource that can help you answer questions of theology with the help of actual sacred texts. A thorough and interesting resource.
  9. American Atheists: Of course, atheism isn’t exactly a religion, and there is no set theology — beyond the belief that there is no supreme being, or any other supernatural influence in our lives. This site offers a look at different religions from an atheist perspective, and provides answers to questions that many might have about atheism.

Christian Q&A Web Sites

If you have questions about Christian theology, you can get them answered with these web sites. There are many different Christian sects, and you can find answers to theological questions about individual Christian religions and systems.

  1. Apologetics.org: The C.S. Lewis Society offers this web site in an effort to help understanding of Christian theology, and engage in thoughtful discussion of theological questions and answers.
  2. Christianity.com: Find out more about faith, and different Christian theologies. An interesting look at the answers to different gospel questions.
  3. ChristianityToday: Answers questions about Christian theology in terms that modern people can understand. A look at living faith in today’s world, and the possibilities for tomorrow.
  4. Catholic Online: Great Q&A theology web site focusing on questions of the Catholic belief system. A great place to visit for information on one of the most visible of Christian sects.
  5. Mormon.org: Answers to frequently asked questions about this religious sect. Mormons consider themselves Christians, and are often grouped as a Christian religion. Your questions answered about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  6. Evangelical Lutheran Church in America: Find out more about ECLA, and the beliefs held by these Lutherans. You should also visit Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod to learn more about those specific beliefs, and compare them to ECLA.
  7. The Episcopal Church: Learn more about the theology of the Episcopal church. Questions answered, and beliefs learned.
  8. National Association of Evangelicals: A great resource for information on evangelical theology, as well as practical religion. Find out more about this interesting Christian perspective.

Non-Christian Q&A Web Sites

For those who want their theology questions about other religions answered, these web sites can be of great help. You might find interesting similarities between religions that seem to have great theological differences. And, of course, you can also learn about differences so that you better understand points of theological debate.

  1. Islam 101: Have your questions about Islam answered by this site. Includes history, as well as comparative religion.
  2. Judaism 101: A look at the theology of Judaism. Written from an Orthodox point of view, it’s a great site with interesting information, and solid answers.
  3. BuddhaNet: Questions and answers about Buddhism in its various forms. Its an interest resource that addresses different forms of Buddhism in different regions of the world, and addresses basic teachings of the Buddhist faith.
  4. Hinduism Today: Learn more about the world’s third largest religion. A great resource for finding answers to your questions about Hindu theology, and about current Hindu religious practices.
  5. Pagan.com: A look at different pagan religions. Have your questions about Druidism, Native American religions, Eastern religions, nature worship and more answered with the help of this resource.
  6. The Baha’i Faith: Have your questions about this theological traditional answered by this web site. A great resource for those interested in learning more about baha’i, and its tenets.
  7. SikhNet: Many people confuse Sikhs with other religions. If you are interested in being more informed about Sikhism, this is a great resource that you can use to your advantage. Have your questions about Sikhs answered.
  8. Church of Satan: Find out more about this “official” church that follows the idea of self-deification. It’s not about worshiping Satan or performing animal (or human) sacrifices. You might be surprised to find that this religion is all about the human in his natural, carnal state.

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